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Rally Yellow HPE700 LS9 Camaro by Hennessey Performance

If you’ve been following Hennessey Performance’s exploits with the LS9-powered HPE700 Camaro, then you’ve seen the 725 HP monster in the same Cyber Gray Metallic with blue stripes as our original concept renderings.

While Cyber Gray is an amazing color, it lacks a certain “pop” that really turns heads from afar.

And there’s no color for the 2010 Camaro more recognizable to the public at large than Rally Yellow (thanks to the tremendous success of Transformers and Bumblebee loving kids everywhere). Even as the Camaros become more commonplace, onlookers still get wound up at the sight of a yellow 5th gen rolling by (especially if it has a pair of black stripes).

Hennessey Performance’s first well-known Rally Yellow 2010 Camaro was the same HPE650 featured in both Hot Rod and Motor Trend magazines.

And now there’s another notable HPE Camaro cloaked in this eye-popping shade… with even more “sting” this time around.

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