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Gyre – A self-sufficient underwater tower to boost eco-tourism

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Eco Factor: Floating development harvests solar, wind and tidal energy.

The Gyre by Zigloo is a conceptual floating development that has been designed as an underwater skyscraper. The development will bring scientists and vacationers together to understand the ocean, without polluting its delicate ecosystem. Peaking at a depth of 400m, the development will provide space for a comfortable living and working environment, including space for shops, restaurants, gardens and recreation.


The underwater tower will feature a double-hulled vortex that is covered in reinforced glass. The tower is essentially a layering of concentric rings that range in size from 30,000 square meters down to 600 square meters. With a total floor area of about 212,000 square meters, the Gyre will be an off-grid development, powered entirely by renewable energy.


The Gyre’s unique design will allow the integration of systems to harvest renewable energy from wind, the sun and tides. In addition to an array of vertical axis wind turbines, the Gyre will generate solar energy from windows with a glass printed array of solar cells. Moreover, underwater nacelles function both as tidal generators when the structure is anchored and as thrusters for propulsion. Rainwater is also harvested and mechanical systems and emergency freshwater storage basins are in the deepest portion of the structure.




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