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inilah dia benda-benda keren yang terbuat dai bambu

cb mania....!

bamboo designs

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the ever-increasing popularity of the bamboo-based consumer goods, from furniture to autos to architecture. Every now and then, we come across a thing that’s made from bamboo, one of nature’s most sustainable resources. Going green seems to be the only way to go these days, and designers, architects and consumer-goods companies from around the globe are considering eco-friendly options. For the same, bamboo is being widely used to create a range of things. Here we have for you a collection of 20 incredible designs made from bamboo. Hit the jump to see them all….

1. The origami-inspired Folded Bamboo House:
folded bamboo house

Designer Ming Tang is making sure that no one sleeps in the open sky once our beautiful houses have been swallowed by the furious powers of nature. Tang has come up with beautiful origami-inspired Folded Bamboo Houses that are intended to be used as temporary shelters in the consequences of an earthquake. These shelters are constructed from sustainable bamboo poles that are pre-assembled into rigid geometric shapes, which can be folded into a variety of shapes.

2. The Woven House:
the woven house

The trend of green design is catching on at a pace no one ever imagined. Consumers are becoming environmentally conscious, they are demanding “green design” and taking an interest in the total life-cycle of a product, including its long-term environmental impact. Catering to this trend, designer Søren Korsgaard has put bamboo, the traditional yet sustainable raw material, to erect an ultra-modern architectural structure. His unusually shaped house is called the Woven House, and is like a weaver’s nest.

3. The Wind and Water Cafe:
wind and water cafe

Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia is creating radiantly beautiful structures using bamboo, as it is lightweight, flexible and strong. The Wind and Water Cafe in Binh Duong is one of the very interestingly and beautifully designed structures. It truly depicts how Nghia uses the cheap, accessible material to maximum effect. The bamboo shaping the half-moon complex is sturdy yet flexible, using simple aerodynamic theory to use light and wind to its advantage.

4. The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility:
mason lane farm operations facility

The Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility in North Carolina is a beautiful and sustainable construction. The eco-farm facility designed by De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop consists of two barns constructed using sustainable materials like locally-sourced bamboo and prefab panels and trusses. The structure is a new complex for farm equipment servicing, re-fueling and storage, as well as providing seasonal storage for grain and hay. It supports 2,000 acres of property utilized for agriculture, recreation, wildlife habitat and land conservation purposes.

5. Butterfly Bamboo Homes:
butterfly bamboo house

Here is a beautiful structure that supports a noble cause apart from green design. The project on the Thai Burmese border blends vernacular-inspired architecture with social responsibility in aiding the difficulties of Karen refugee orphans. Five students with humanitarian design organization TYIN Tegnestue built the six woven bamboo huts, dubbed Soe Ker Tie, or The Butterfly Huts. Made from bamboo, the huts incorporating features like natural ventilation and rainwater harvesting will give shelter to 24 orphans.

6. The Bamboo Forest House:
bamboo forest house

The Bamboo Forest House forms an unusual view that will undoubtedly interest many. Designed and built by Roewu Architects from the UK, the structure has a unique exterior with its bamboo screen. The luxurious bamboo facade was incorporated into the design to provide privacy and security while still allowing natural light and air to flow in. In addition, the remarkable building also includes a karaoke lounge and a roof deck.

7. BamGoo:

Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have built a single-seat electric car made using bamboo. The reason behind using bamboo for the car creation is the fact that that hardness and light weight are the main ingredients of an eco car, which are by the way the impressive properties of bamboo. Dubbed as “BamGoo”, the 60-kg electric car that can run for 30 miles on a single charge was exhibited in Kyoto City, western Japan.

8. Bamboo Taxi Car:

Rustico Balderian, the Mayor of Tabontabon, Philippines, intros two bamboo-made, coconut bio-diesel powered taxis. Both are made of 90% bamboo, which is a sustainable and natural material. Dubbed as Eco 1 and Eco 2, these taxis can ably carry 20 and 8 people around respectively. While Eco 1 runs for 8 hours on one gallon of biodiesel, Eco 2 nowhere falls short on mileage. Eco 2 is more stylish than the other one since it touts a stereo with sound system.

9. Bamboo Jeep:
bamboo jeep

If you wish to see a beautiful piece of art made using bamboo, this one is worth checking out. Built by a government official from the Philippines, the bamboo jeep was initially constructed for personal use. But, soon it was pushed into official service, first in a showcase for local products, and then as transport for visiting dignitaries and high level politicians.

10. Indonesian bamboo bicycle:
indonesian bamboo bicycle

Bicycles have always been considered as an eco-friendly means of transport. But this time the green ride goes even greener with the Indonesian bamboo bicycle. Part of the Ex J.R Planck Collection, this aesthetically beautiful bike is crafted from bamboo. The entire frame, including the comfortable seat, is made using bamboo. Several heads will turn to check out this one.

11. Bamboo Speakers:

Really commendable is the intent that goes into the making of this crafty portable set of speakers. Crafted in woody bamboo, these USB speakers are capable of producing across-the-board music at a 300-10,000Hz frequency. They will give a different look to your interiors and $30 is surely not a hefty price at all! So, you stand a very good chance to promote green acoustics at minimal cost and great aesthetics. Say no to plastic and yep, hail green to keep the environment clean!

12. Asus Ecobook Bamboo Laptop:
asus ecobook

We have seen computers evolve over the years. Since the world is adapting environmental friendly features, how can the computer industry lag behind. The Asus Ecobook Bamboo Laptop is made using 50% recyclable materials. To reflect this environmentally minded design philosophy, the Ecobook is covered with smooth strips of bamboo.

13. Cut Bamboo Table Lamp:
cut bamboo table lamp

With a huge range of table lamps and endless style choices, you are sure to find just the right table lamp to make your space come to life. Furnish your home with the Cut Bamboo Table Lamp, a uniquely designed lamp that comes in three sizes. What makes them stand out is the fact that they are made from cut bamboo and so, are eco-friendly. The organic nature of these beautiful lamps is sure to catch your eye.

14. Bamboo Helmets:
bamboo helmet

You will have to agree that safety is a prime concern when it comes to riding a bike. Moreover, if safety blends with sustainability, what more can you ask for. I present to you the Roof R06 Bamboo , a motorcycle helmet made from bamboo slivers, which passes all the European E22/05 safety requirements needed in Europe. Isn’t it a great way of protecting your skull?

15. Bamboo accessories from Micro Innovations:
micro innovations accessories

The eco-friendly range of accessories by Micro Innovations is something to look out for. The company that manufactures, sells and supports computer peripherals and accessories has come up with a whole bunch of accessories made up from a bamboo shell, including speakers, a card reader, a webcam, a USB hub, keyboard and mouse.

16. The Bamboo Radio:
bamboo radio

Created from the components of an old Tivoli Model One radio, the Bamboo Radio prepared by design student Greg Zulkie draws inspiration from the gramophones made popular in the late 1800s. Using the form factor from the antiquated sound box, the Bamboo Radio was bestowed with the special ability of being able to project 360 degrees. On the inside, a wireless card allows users to stream music directly from their computer as well as tuning into normal radio stations. Since the sound was made to echo in the lower sealed chamber, the radio maintains the excellent bass response of the Tivoli while taking the overall exterior design to a whole new dimension of designer goodness.

17. Bird-Electron EZ-TAKEGTF2:
bird electron ez takegtf2

Hear the sweet sound of green music with the Bird-Electron EZ-TAKEGTF2 portable speakers. These eco-friendly speakers are made from natural bamboo and utilize the resonance of bamboo, hence do not need any power source. Compatible with all audio devices, they are made from a special bamboo known as Japanese SuSu bamboo.

18. Dell’s bamboo-encased eco-PC concept:
dell bamboo pc

This cute eco-PC concept is said to be Dell’s smallest computer ever. What makes it stand out is that it is bamboo-encased, so has minimal impact on the environment. It is 81 percent smaller than a standard desktop and more importantly, it uses 70 percent less power. I would certainly love to own this one….how about you?

19. Bamboo Chandelier:
bamboo chandelier

With Mother Nature as its muse, this chandelier offers just a hint of the Orient. This bamboo chandelier is made from three split bamboo, interlaced lights in a hexagon loop around the central split bamboo task lamp. Your home will thank you for investing in such a precious treasure. Although a thoroughly green fixture should be a CFL or LED, a set of small wattage clear incandescent bulbs make way cool shadows on the ceiling. This splendid family of bamboo finished fixture will wonderfully adorn your summer home or vacation resort.

20. Bamboo Caskets:
bamboo casket

Making a living out of crematory practices is nothing new, but to make them green is perfect undoubtedly. Exemplifying it, Scott Ahlgrim of Ahlgrim Funeral Home in Elmhurst and Steve Dawson of Sax-Tiedemann Funeral Home suggest some eco-burial measures to minimize the afterlife impact of the deceased. He expounds decomposable caskets made from bamboo, willow branches or banana leaves.

Interesting facts about bamboo:

bamboo facts

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