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Super Hatchback Concept is designed to race against the bigwigs

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shc super hatchback concept 1

After having Cobra Venom V8 and many other spectacular designs to his credit, Jamie Martin, a UK based designer, has come up with Super Hatchback Concept (SHC). This model is out of his love to blend two different entities: the Hatchbacks and the supercars. And even in a world that is fast becoming aware of the environment problems and rising CO2 emission, SHC is not without green tech included to it.

Designed to race against the bigwig viz. Honda Civic Type-R and Ford Focus RS; SHC will be coming up with a choice of two different engine packages. The first option includes a twin-turbocharged internal combustion engine with direct injection, stop-start technology, and regenerative braking, wherein transmission would be via a 6-Speed Short-Shift manual gearbox or a 7-speed paddle shift auto.

And the second option consists of a system dubbed the ‘Delta Drive Hybrid (DDH). It’ll be having a pair of electric motors along with a smaller displacement internal combustion engine. The high-torque electric motors that are mounted within the front wheels will get power from the Nano-Titanate batteries, located in the engine bay. It will be available in three performance modes that include Economy, Normal and Performance that can be used for low bhp while driving in town, medium bhp for motorway driving, and high bhp (with petrol engine and electric generator working together) respectively.

This car can be driven up to 70 miles with the batteries. Lightweight materials and intelligent applications are used to reduce the weight and balancing the weight distribution. The laser welded chassis would be built with aluminum and part high tensile steel but primarily aluminum would be used for the front section of the car. Though SHC is merely a concept and there is intention to make it real as of now, yet it highly likely that hybrid technology will filter it very quickly into performance vehicles.

shc super hatchback concept 2

shc super hatchback concept 3

shc super hatchback concept 4

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