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Alien Attack: Creepy home furnishings for an alien-themed home

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alien home

An alien-themed house is not about comfort but crazy, horrifying and ghostly looks. If you are fan of alien movies or simply love the thought of giving your home an alien makeover, you need to be very specific about the home furnishings you go for. If you have a dungeon that’s missing something or you simply need something eerie for your living room, here we have a creepy collection of home furnishings that will make for a great addition to your alien-theme home. Hit the jump to see them all…

1) Alien themed furniture

• Alien coffee table
alien tables
Give your day a new start with the coffee served on the Alien coffee table. The alien coffee table takes the inspiration from the Alien flicks and is made from the used car and bike parts, tools and recycled components. The crouching and creeping position of the table makes for elegant furniture for your home. Priced for $1000, the table is sure to enthrall your senses.

• Alien table
alien furniture
The alien table with the ghostly looks is sure to enchant all the geeky nerds who are fascinated by the creepy aliens. The table is made from theused car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components. Priced from £67.50 to £2250, the masterpiece will compel you to purchase the ingenious design of these wraithlike alien tables.

• Alien chair
At times it sounds crazy to have such weird furniture at home but still, there are so many people who would fall in love with the unusual design of the chair. The high back alien chair looks like it could shred you into tears. Price for $1600, the chair with the ghostly look makes for a comfortable sitting.

• Alien sofa
alien sofa
Designed by Jonas Jurgaitis, the alien sofa is takes you to the world of aliens. The sofa is shaped like dreadlocks cut from the head of a predator and is made from the molded polyurethane on a plywood frame combined with a hi-tech fabric.

• Alien coffe Table by Cattelan Italia
alien coffee table
The futuristic coffee table is inspired form the alien and is designed by Yasuhiro Shito for Cattelan Italia. Giving your home those space-age look the table complements well with your contemporary decor style. The table is made in polished steel and the cavity in the centre can either be left empty as a feature of the design or used for a flower or other form of design element.

2) Alien Themed lamps

• Alien abduction lamp
The ingenious piece of lamp is a work of Lasse Klein which will brighten up your room with its different look. The alien abduction features a light bulb inside the supremely awesome metal UFO on top, which illuminates the windows and the mysterious aliens inside. The unique and awesome lamp gives a new look to the lamps away from the old boring lamps.

• Alien hanging lamp
alien lamp2
The alien hanging lamp with the strange shape appears like a creature sliding down a rope. For a reasonable price of $529, the lamp with its bizarre and sleek form adds eerie décor to your living space.

• UFO lamps
ufo lamp
Inspired from the shape of UFO, the lamps give your home an alien look. Hang it or place it low, the lamp endows warm ambiance to your room. The lamps are controlled by corded foot switch and moving it closer to the ceiling, it brings a brighter and direct glow from the shade’s bottom.

• Hangman noose
hangman lamp
The concept light is made by the designer Ji-youn Kim. The unusual alien lamp is like a hangman light which depicts a man hanging from a noose. Though, unusual the lamp makes for a cool and creative style statement.

3) Alien themed sculptures

• Alien wall plaque
alien plaque
The Alien plaque gives the appearance of an alien caged in your walls. The alien plaque is offered in three pieces a head and two hands, so you can move them about to create the look that you want. So, you can scare your friends and your guest or leave them enthralled with the weird décor on your wall.

• Lounging alien sculpture
lounging alien sculpture
See the aliens landing in you gardens with the lounging alien sculptures. The garden sculptures inspired from the aliens will bring a captivating look to your garden and bring about an appeal which is sure to envy your neighbors.

• Alien Butler sculpture
alien butler sculpture
Have you ever imagined the aliens serving you with coffee and dinner? The alien butler sculpture will make you feel the aliens as your servant. The decorative piece holds everything from drinks, coins and keys to Reese’s Pieces and also serves as an elegant and stylish décor for your home.

• Glowing alien sculpture
glowalien sculpture
Made from the latest technology, the glowing alien sculpture is designed and handcrafted by Richard. They are cast in Jesmonite and Strontium-Aluminate, a rare-earth material that produces a lasting glow in green, blue, orange, purple and white. The sculpture with its glowing face gives your décor a new and cool style.

4) Alien themed pillows and vinyl decals

• Alien throw pillows
alien themed throw pillow1
Bring style and fun to your room with the alien themed throw pillow. It’s made of ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area. Priced for $15.99, the pillows are sure to adorn your interiors.

• Alien themed pillows
alien themed throw pillow
The stylish alien themed pillows add grace to your interiors and makes for a cool style statement in your room. The pillows are priced for just $20.00 and give an entirely geeky look to your living space.

• UFO vinyl decal
ufo viny decal
Wall decals have always been a simple and easy way to decorate your walls. The UFO shaped wall decals can add style to your house and grace to your dreary walls. Perfect for apartment and your living rooms, the decals take you out of the world.

5) Alien themed home furnishings

• UFO teapot
ufo taepot
The cute little alien offering you a tea - sounds strange. But, the UFO teapot can bring a new start to your day. The UFO teapot features a silvery crème color and is a major shift from the same floral and cartoon-headed fixtures. Priced for $79.50, the teapot will certainly serve you a hot and savored tea.

• Alien projector
The alien projector projects the alien head on any surface and can scare the people with alien form. The projector is powered by battery and is portable. The strong green LED which shines through a wooden screen brings the out the devilish look of the aliens on the surface. Priced for just $35, the projectors are amazing piece to be purchased.

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