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2006 Honda Bike Concept E4-01

2006 Honda Bike Concept E4-01

(Translated from Japanese) E4-01 scooter like absolutely endless the action of advance in the forum, action appropriate and abundance it is the automated cool action abstraction which aims against the actuality that it is accordant in the higher-order origin. "Those the greatest in the apple it makes and" says, four "E," which attach to the aerial will area "Elegance" "Excitement" "Enjoyment" "Easy" development to keyword. Not to attach to accustomed concept, aerial affection is pursued entirely, the capital achievement which is a bout to cool action and the advanced benumbed which ???? has are actualized. Senses are angry "Yutaka (elbowroom) with gloss" authoritative accouterment for the absolute body, creates new motorcycle activity "The Creative Sports", that is E4-01.

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