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Weird But Cool Hostels

cb mania....!

This post is brought to you by Travel4Cheap your personal live travel agent.

10 years ago I swore to myself to never ever stay in a hostel again after staying in horrible place in California 10 years ago. But things have changed and in my research I find couple of super nice hostels I would stay in ( emmm well book a private room in. My dorm days are definitely in the past).

Get ready for some odd places.

Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn, China

Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn

ufo hostel

It totally reminds of an outer space settlement or something. Breathtaking!

As the unique building model in the mountainous area, Fujian Tulou is a miracle in the history of world architecture. It is the symbol of wisdom and diligence of Hakka people who moved to the boundary of Guangdong and Fujian from the central plains of China. Tulou, as an outstanding representative of Hakka culture, is listed to World Cultural Heritage in July, 2008. Now, Tulou is attracting more and more people in the world.

Apron Inn (also called Yude building), originally built in 1802, was damaged in a big fire lighted by warlord. In 1972, Zhang Qingchong rebuilt the cedar part of it because at that time only six families of his relatives were in great need of living rooms. Seen from the hills, Yude building looks like a beautiful apron of girls. Therefore, it got this name-Apron building. The moment you step into it, sweet air and bright light would refresh you body and soul.

More info: Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn, China

Kadir’s Tree House, Turkey

Kadirs Tree House

Fulfill your childhood dream and stay in a tree house village.

With its unspoilt scenery and fascinating Lycian history, this part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday. Staying at Kadir’s will ensure that you do have the perfect holiday.
At Kadir’s, we cater for everybody; the young to the young at heart. Live out every kid’s dream to sleep in a real treehouse, or spend a night of comfort in one of our well appointed bungalows.

More info: Kadir’s Tree House, Turkey

Jumbo Jet Hostel, Sweden


hostel jumbo

Now translate this concept in real flying jumbos and I would be one happy traveler.

Welcome onboard the worlds first Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet converted into an up market Hostel for the discerning traveler! Jumbo Hostel is only a ten minute walk away from the check-in counters at Arlanda airport. An extraordinary experience to have before beginning of your trip! As well as relaxing!

More info: Jumbo Jet Hostel

Local Cave House Hotel, Turkey

cave pool turkey

cute cave

It looks like more like a super awesome adventure hotel.

Local Cave House; Our all rooms are cave and with bathroom. Our place is in the centre of Cappadocia: Goreme.

We have 9 cave rooms 1 family cave suite 1 honeymoon suite, deluxe suites with double and single bed.
Central Heated Rooms with Air Condition.

More info: Local Cave House Hotel

Lua Cheia Youth Hostel, Brazil

brazil caslte hostel

awesome caslte brazil

Who would ever guessed that there is a castle like this in Brazil and it’s a youth hostel.

More info: Lua Cheia Youth Hostel

Carbisdale Castle, Scotland

carbisdale castle

carbisdale castle scotland

Ok, now that’s a real castle.

Why not stay in a real highland castle? Carbisdale Castle Youth Hostel was built for the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland. Since then it has housed wealthy and influential people, and even served as a royal refuge.

The Castle has a large art collection and a collection of Italian marble statues on display in a main gallery and even a ghost. An amazing experience not to be missed. Carbisdale is set in an area of extensive natural beauty overlooking the river Kyle with many local woodland walks.

More info: Carbisdale Castle

Anak Ranch, Mongolia

anak ranch

mangolia hostel

Emmm … awesome!

At the ranch, you can ride unfenced, wide-open steppe and taiga in the last great wilderness of the world. You might take a hunk of cheese, a stick of sausage, and a canteen and ride out to look for the horses, ranging somewhere on the open steppe or in the hills. You might ride north for a few days to spy the Russian Orthodox monastery across the border, or southwest to the lost Buddhist monastery in the hills.

You will sleep in a ger, the traditional Mongolian nomad’s home. You will eat home-grown and all-natural food, including roast meat, cheese, stew, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and airag. You will learn to drink vodka the Mongolian way, accepting a proffered glass with honor and blessing the land in the directions of the four winds.

More info: Anak Ranch

Radeka Downunder Underground Mine Hostel, Australia

Underground hostel

cozy cave hostel

Charming but with wifi.

Radeka Downunder Underground Backpackers Inn & Underground Motel is located in the centre of Coober Pedy, Outback South Australia. You go 6.5m deep down into the Earth for your accommodation like the locals to escape the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

Radeka Downunder was originally an Opal Mine which has now been transformed into an Underground accommodation outlet with Dorm Beds, Budget Rooms and Motel Rooms with ensuite.

More info: Radeka Downunder Underground Mine Hostel

That’s it for now. Feel free to post in the comments some crazy hostel stories you had or tell us about some weird hostels you stayed in.

This post put me right into vacation mode. Can’t concentrate – want to travel to all these hostels now!!!!!!

Again, keep in mind in case you are traveling to ping Travel4Cheap. Just tell them your dates, amount of people traveling and budget. They will do the rest.

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