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Detail Review 2011 BMW 1-Series Coupe

Segler did not give out any specific details on the sports coupe, but he did say that it will not carry the M1 badge as this name is reserved for the original model, adding that the M-prepped 1-Series Coupe will go on sale in relatively small number of copies in the second quarter of 2011.

Detail Review 2011 BMW 1-Series Coupe

Detail Review 2011 BMW 1-Series Coupe

They know this as they're producing gargantuan SUV-coupes like the X6M or the X5M. These are two vehicles for people who just want the 'M' badge but don't actually like driving really fast. I say this because no matter how fast or powerful an SUV is, the car with the same engine and drive train, would be able to out handle any performance SUVs regardless of the situation. Then they sell the entry level 1-series to people who are just looking for a BMW and do not actually ask which wheels drive the car in the first place. Apparently, it looks like the actual fast driving enthusiasts aren't driving BMWs anymore.

Detail Review 2011 BMW 1-Series Coupe

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