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J's Racing Honda extreme is a super well known tuning shop specializing in Honda / Acura vehicles. Their performance products are race tested repeatedly and proven for the durability and the effectiveness.

PPI has been distributing J's Racing parts since 2008 for North America. We are glad to help the Honda / Acura enthusiasts to modify their cars with the excellent parts from J's Racing.Stellar V Fit GE LED Tail Light Unit
Parts# ST5GEC Price $579.00 (A set of two)

This is the LED rear tail light unit used for J's Racing Fit GE. Made by Steller V, the total of 51 (each side) LED is utilized for the tail, blinker, and back-up light. With the vivid LED beam, your Fit GE presents a remarkable apperanace.

The product is available in both clear and smoked glass. The pics below are taken with clear glass.

Performance Intake Pipe for DC5 & EP3
Parts# ITC-T5 (DC5), ITC-P3 (EP3) Price $230.00

The stock intake hose made by rubber can be deteriorated easily due to the high lateral vibration of K20A engine and high temperature of the engine bay. A damaged hose could lead to a serious engine trouble.

J’s Racing new performance pipe is made by SFS Performance in England and is made of triple layers of polyester silicon for super durability. The product is not impacted by heat and pressure change and guarantees a smooth air flow. The red color accentuates the difference nicely. A bolt on replacement to the stock hose.

Expected release date - February 01, 2010

Sport Steering in Red [limited edition]
Red & Black Leather Parts#SSG-01-RDL Price $495.00
Suede & Red Leather Parts# SSG-01-RDSD Price $541.00

J's Racing offers its popular sport steering in either red/black leather or in suede/red leather for a limited production. The vivid Italian red leather will enhance your car's interior look significantly.

C304 Stainless (SUS) Exhaust System
Based on the feedback from the titanium exhaust system, C304 stainless exhaust system is created for higher horse power and great throttle response.

With the diameter of the main pipe either 60mm or 70mm, the emphasis is placed on the performance of the mid and top end of the rev. The main pipe is made of 1.2mm SUS 304 Stainless and the weight is minimized for a better acceleration and maneuverability. The surface of the silencer is well polished and has a titanium-like “Blue Polish Finish” with the beautiful gradation.

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