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Honda VFR1200F - the sports a new block

2010 Honda VFR1200F

There was a large number of motorcycles expected protector over the years but the excitement and speculation which emerged on VFR1200F New Honda V4 powered must certainly rank up there with the most fervent

Honda showed the bike originally from V4 concept in late 2008 in the annual exhibition for trade Intermot, which was held in Cologne. Group to model the distinctive tongues wagging and speculation - fueled by the experience of a number of humor sites and leaked information - was rife on what was next in the pipeline.The company has developed finally fans out of their misery in 2009, when VFR1200F officially announced and unveiled for the entire device in that year the Tokyo Motor Show. The production of the sport bike tour of October 2009 and the beginning of 2010 saw the delivery of prototypes of the merchants.

So, what is it about the VFR1200F enthusiasts so excited? Well, one of the main reasons is that while the bike is available for a hierarchical system of traditional manual transmission, and can also be equipped with automatic transmission binary - which, although well established in like BMW and Volkswagen, the first of its kind bike bursts in the world.

Dual-clutch system one sees working grip, third and fifth gears, while the other is responsible for the second, fourth and sixth. Is a choice of three modes: fully automatic, sports, and a guide.

On the one hand engine, and uses the V4 VFR1200F Unicam overhead camshaft distribution system, and one already for a walk in Honda motorcycles off-road. Has also been positioning the crank pins and the cylinder firing in a specific way, so as to reduce vibration.

Has taken a dual combined braking system on the show in previous models IFR jump to more than 1200F, while the included anti-lock brakes as standard.

Aesthetically, the bike is a winner, with the design of lending gift layers form a unique shape while maintaining the optimum air flow and heat management. And potential buyers can choose from three color options - Candy emergence of the Red, Pearl White, Sunbeam and seal Metalliic silver.

Costs VFR1200F £ 11,596 on the road, and comes with a three-year roadside breakdown cover and warranty for a period of three years. With cheap insurance motorcycle Honda available to drivers willing to shop around seems to be a good deal-General of the machine is enormous.

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