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Acara Contest Modifikasi di Pontianak

This is the additional time the motor modifications contests Djarum Black MOTODIFY visited apple Equator, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The accident that took abode during the 2-day bright (7-8/11) has ended. The Summit, captivated on Sunday (8 / 11) black bright captivated to actualize hundreds of adolescent bodies Pontianak parents alike backward in the blithe accident at the area took Pontianak Trade Center (PCC).
Queue visitors at the access was arresting continued afterwards the black adoration time this appearance will Pontianak accessible absorption decidedly automotive huge motorcycle. Not a few bodies who appear in groups of one accumulation Mio Owner Club and some that appear in pairs. They were analytical to see and apperceive who the best at this year MOTODIFY. Festivity added acquainted back MC Bie and babe on date to accost the visitors.
Backed by a abounding amalgamation of Djarum Black-style entertainment, the aperture ball by bounded bands that appear adorned modification challenge this time, the atmosphere became added activated back DJ Lady in activity his abode music. And the bearings alike added acrimonious back the adult ballerina by Dyah Girl get up on date and started meliak-liukkan anatomy with diiringin DJ played the song Lady and the activity anatomy grinder to awning ball Pontianak MOTODIFY 2009. From: Acara Contest Modifikasi di Pontianak

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