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MODIFIKASI Full AIRBRUSH GRAFIS HONDA VARIO One Million wah effects can be displayed for any motor, let alone in the motor which had a body width matic and dynamic as this one Honda Vario Techno. Moreover, profiles and hollow body is pretty sporty performance supporting the airbrush graphics are displayed. No wonder, CM57 squad apply this flow in the motor geberan Haryonogo aka Encang.

The concept does not actually offer grandiose, but the original idea. Initiated by aging brusher Wito Brush from Solo, dijejalilah diverse body of this motor circuitry typically graphical effects. The most obvious, bottom color that is made all-nano. Impression of color and not monotonous. Let more complete, given the color gradations are not too obvious, from pink, red to orange to yellow.

The most fresh, the combination of these colors interspersed with other effects, including watersplash, thin smoke in every color to the word 'motor chang' which is made asymmetrical in some parts.

Special groove and the line itself does not irregular, but most are given the concept of minimalism with an additional flash as prinstrip indentation in the middle.
The best paint finishing election as any supporting Spieshecker final performance. Bright, cheerful and not monotonous

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