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Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles and motorcycles

Pictured above is the yellow Zev 7000 watt electric motorcyle which qualifies for a Federal and or State tax credit depending on where you live in the U.S. With a $6000. Colorado tax credit and a 10% Federal credit, this fastest production ebike with cost you UNDER 500.00 more or less, if you live in Colorado!

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If you live in the United States there are now federal 10% tax credits up to $2500. USD!

Also each State has incentives on top of that, including Colorado which will give a tax credit up to $6,000!!
The Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit will apply a savings of up to $6,000 to your choice of qualifying electric motorcycle. Then add another 10 percent credit from the federal government.

Pictured below is a 4000 Watt electric motorcycle which qualifies for Federal and or State tax credits.

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