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Used caes Volkswagen GTI

If you are in need of a simple repair like brakes, for example, your Volkswagen GTI parts will probably be in stock at the Volkswagen dealer, as well as original parts like belts, hoses and so on. You will find more of what you need by shopping online. Be careful that you don't end up with a 'replacement' part, though. Make sure you specify that you want your parts to be original when you order or do any research.

Used caes Volkswagen GTI

Used Volkswagen GTI

Buying Volkswagen GTI Parts in a Local Store
The biggest advantage of buying your performance parts in a local store is the ability to walk in and walk back out with the item, however that is also one of the biggest disadvantages: local stores often have a limit to the items that they have on hand but can sometimes order these parts if you ask. There may be a fee for doing this, but if you have established yourself as a good customer, it will be waived.

Another local option for some performance parts is with salvage stores which can allow you to pay a much lower price, however be cautioned these are not new parts and may not be readily available or in perfect condition.

Used Volkswagen GTI

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