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New Generations Honda Civic-2011

For those who want a stylish car without giving up on fuel efficiency and comfort, Honda Civic is got to be the first choice. As this car combines electric power with gas, it gives a better mileage which makes millions go for this beautiful car. Along with Honda accord, Civic has been ruling the roost for the last so many years. Civic had modest beginning as it was made fun of, on American roads as it appeared small in comparison to big cars. But very soon, it made a name for itself because of its features and unparallel comfort and economy.

New Generations Honda Civic-2011

New Generations Honda Civic-2011

What makes the Leaf truly stand out from other car companies' electric cars is its total independence from gasoline. It is not an electric hybrid that still utilizes an internal combustion engine like the Toyota Prius nor does it use a gasoline-powered generator like the Chevy Volt. The Nissan Leaf is in all senses a completely battery powered vehicle requiring that you plug it in at night instead of filling up at the gas station.

New Generations Honda Civic-2011

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