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2011new Honda Civic in Paris show

The time in the 70's when there was a shortage of gas all around, Honda civic caught the fancy of the people as it was the most fuel efficient car around. It has been a loved car of the people since then for being a very reliable and fuel efficient car. It is a preferred hatchback of millions of families for all the comfort it provides to them. Not many people know it, but Civic is one model that accounts for almost a third of the total car sales made by Honda worldwide. Civic is perhaps one of the most comfortable cars when it comes to driving in city conditions and this explains the high number of cars sold all over the world every year.

2011new Honda Civic in Paris show

2011new Honda Civic in Paris show

So let's get into the nuts and bolts of what it's going to cost you to own and operate a Leaf vs. a more conventional automobile. The Leaf's horsepower and size is similar to that of a new Honda Civic, so this is the vehicle I will be using to compare operation and maintenance costs although the Leaf has a considerably higher base price and sports

2011new Honda Civic in Paris show

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