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Valentino Rossi Has Operation Again


Valentino Rossi will doing surgery today at the Cervesi di Cattolica hospital with Doctor Alex Castagna from the Milan Humanitas Institute and shoulder specialist Dr Giuseppe Porcellini. The focus of the arthroscopic procedure on Rossi, who suffered cartilage and joint damage to his shoulder in a motocross training accident back in April, was on the supraspinatus tendon and glenoid ligament.

"The condition of the shoulder was really critical: Valentino really had to be tough to keep racing with that kind of injury,” said the surgeons. “The intervention went well, without any complications. For rehabilitation, you'd usually need 90 days for that kind of injury but we'll do our best in order to meet the requirements of the rider."

The surgery lasted for two hours from 11.30am to 1.30pm and the surgeons were assisted by Doctors Fabrizio Campi and Paolo Paladini. Rossi will now remain in hospital overnight before beginning his rehabilitation in the coming days

90 days of rehabilitaion means Valentino Rossi will start on bike again on February 2011. But we're all know that Valentino Rossi is a rider with strong willing to ride. This mentallity condition will make rehabilitation going faster.

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