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the Porsche Panamera Boxter models

There is no doubt that the muscular and sleek look of the Panamera definitely is a treat to the eye and being a four seater, does look pretty neat and sturdy when compared to the smaller sizes of the other Porsche models. To summarize it looks like the big brother of the Carrera/ Boxter models and is more commanding in its appearance.

the Porsche Panamera Boxter models

the Porsche Panamera Boxter models

Porsche have been one of the front runners for two door sports car production for over 60 years, and in recent years they have also looked into other target markets. Their first foray was into the 4 wheel drive market with the coveted Porsche Cayenne, which has proved a huge success sales wise. The Cayenne launched in December of 2002 and immediately started selling well. I had to look twice at the badging of a 4 wheel drive some years ago, as a Porsche badged 4 wheel drive looked oddly out of place for me having only seen the badging on cars such as the 911 or the Boxster.

the Porsche Panamera Boxter models

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