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Modifikasi Vespa 1961 125cc (Vespa Kenthus)

What’s in the mind when you hear the word ‘Japan’? State of progress and sophistication with the technology side by side but remain consistent with the cultural uniqueness. Or one of the country that is now seen as the starting center of the world fashion trend. Or may also be one of the largest automotive manufacturers in dunia.Well, all the above is generally a fairly accurate description of Japan, especially for the last mentioned. As one of the largest manufacturers of automotive, Japan succeeded in exporting its products to various countries dibelahan world.

Vespa 1961 125cc - Scooter Classic

Even the successful market in some countries. Various types of vehicles, both four wheels and two wheels of different types of succession enliven the world automotive market. In addition to the car or the motor itself, there is one thing that is also quite interesting to be, the modification of the style of the country’s sunrise. Style of ornamentation that is now also began to participate in the infecting various parts of the world.

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