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2011 Kia Forte Review

There's no shortage of standard features on this car, while the higher SX trim comes for about $17,000, with added accessories and greater power. Those who had been holding back from buying the Kia Forte just because of its power-train and interiors can now enjoy the goodness of classy Audi A4-like body styling, and capabilities of Honda Civic and Hyundai Sonata at a much lower price.

2011 Kia Forte Review

Designer Eduardo Oliveira has sent us some interesting photoshops of some cars from the Hyundai-Kia lineups. First is a more traditional, wagon version of the Forte (or Cerato) as opposed to the production Forte 5-door hatch. Second is the a look at what the a sedan version of the i30 (Elantra Touring in the States) could look like. Any thoughts?

2011 Kia Forte Review

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