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2011 Infiniti M Hybrid

The second engine option for the Infiniti M is a 4.5 liter eight cylinder engine. The 2010 Infiniti M45, which comes standard with the V8 engine, gets only slightly better horsepower than the V6. The M45's horsepower is 325. Like the M35 the 2010 Infiniti M45 comes standard with the five speed automatic transmission that has a manual shift mode.

2011 Infiniti M Hybrid

2011 Infiniti M Hybrid

Based on the Nissan platform, the Infiniti coupes, sedans and convertibles are highly sought after cars and are exceptional performers. These sleek and aesthetically appealing cars are known for their braking, acceleration, and handling features. The center of the engine of Infinite cars is placed behind the front wheels, making the weight distribution more constant.

2011 Infiniti M Hybrid

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