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Scripts Encryptor - Enkrip HTML & JS dengan cepat!!!

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Scripts Criptor

Scripts Encryptor will be a handy tool for web page developers seeking the way to protect their on-line content from reverse engineering as well as from webbots collecting email addresses and other personal data. Improved Scripts Encryptor can now work not only with JavaScript data, but also with HTML files that might contain JavaScript blocks, and also with C/C++ source files. Unfortunately, HTML and JavaScript code does not allow any substantial encryption the same way as when you compile source code into executable file or when you save Flash movie in a shockwave format. The only way to protect HTML and JavaScript is to employ obfuscation, i.e., scrambling of the contents.

There are many obfuscators available on the web that mostly use scripts to do scrambling. A big downside of this method is that to fully view such page, user’s browser should support scripts and have them enabled, which significantly limits number of web browsers that such encrypted page will be viewed on. Moreover, there’s always a possibility of a new security upgrade from Microsoft that will either show a virus warning, or won’t completely open your page that was encrypted using scripts with other obfuscators.

Scripts Encryptor does not use scripts to obfuscate HTML and JavaScript, instead it uses space stripping, escape sequences and Windows Script Encoder method to scramble web pages. Scrambled pages become fully clear for web browsers but almost unreadable when viewed as HTML, or attempted to alter with an editor. To see what happens with a web page after scrambling by Scripts Encryptor check samples section below.

* Obfuscation (scrambling) of JavaScript, JScript standalone files;
* Obfuscation of HTML and HTML-style files that might include JavaScript, JScript blocks inside;
* Encryption of JavaScript, JScript data in a file or imbedded in HTML page using Windows Script Encoder method (emulation of screnc.exe by Microsoft);
* Compression (reduction of size) of HTML/JScript documents without obfuscation (to downsize your bandwidth and increase loading time);
* Flexible settings for obfuscation that allow to fine-tune level of scrambling;
* Ability to preview obfuscated page and compare it with an original document;
* Scrambling of C/C++/MFC source code files into solid code chunks making them hard to view and edit;
* Checking of missing and/or extra semicolons in JavaScript, JScript code;
* Ability to organize (decrypt) JavaScript, JScript files (including those encrypted using Windows Script Encoder);
* Support of international code pages and file encodings (overall Unicode support);
* Ability to change code page and file encoding while saving in a file;
* Ability to make a Unix-compatible file (with a single linefeed at the end of lines);
* Compatible with Windows XP SP2, and IE6 popup blocker in general (so your previewed code is not blocked as potentially dangerous);
* Command line support (so you can use it on your web server or as part of another software).


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