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How to clean Sality virus?

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Sality virus is one of the viruses that infect executable (*.exe) files in the computer and in some cases also file with the extension *.com, *.dll and *.scr. When it infects a file, some viruses variant will install a helper component in the Windows System folder.

Names of this component will vary by Sality variant (source: Norman website): Syslib32.dll (All early versions) Olemdb32.dll (Sality.M, 3:03 version) Wmimgr32.dll (Sality.N, 3:04 version) Vcmgr32.dll (Sality.P / Q, version 3:07) Vcmgcd32.dll (Sality.R, 3:09 version) Wdmfmc32.dll (Sality.S, 3:07 version) If the virus has infected *.exe files in Windows System (eg explore.exe), then you will not be able to run Windows explorer and your windows will run abnormal/ unstable.

Some Sality variant/virus aliases:
Sality, Win32/Sality, Sality.AA, Sality.AE, Sality.AH, Sality.AM, Sality.AR, Sality-302, Sality-302.dll, Sality-302.lz, Sality-304, Sality-304.dll, Sality-304.lz, Sality-309, Sality-309.dll, Sality-309.lz, Sality-400, Sality-400.dll, Sality-400.lz, Sality-400.sys.

Symptoms when Sality infected your computer:

1.Task manager can not run, if you press Ctrl+Alt+Del will show error message: "Task manager has been disabled by administrator". When ever you change its settings in "gpedit.msc" it changes back to the same after some time.
2.Regedit disabled with the error message "Registry editor has been disabled by administrator".
3.Folder options. You can not display hidden files. When you check "Show Hidden" files in the folder options options; it changes to "do not show hidden files" again when you click OK.
4.Once you plug the USB into the computer, this virus will generate autorun.inf file and some virus file.
5.Antivirus and firewall are not working. You can't run it and you can't scan with it; even you can run it and scan with it, the virus won't be found or the virus will be found but anti virus can't clean/delete it.
6.Windows can not run in Safe Mode.

How to clean/delete Sality?

You need 2 tools to eradicate this viruses:
1.Norman Malware Cleaner which can be downloaded in one of the following links:
2.Win32.Sality.AE Symantec Removal Tool, can be downloaded at:
Cleaning the Virus:

1.Turn your computer system restore off. Open Control Panel and then double-click System. In the System Properties select the System Restore tab and check on the “Turn off System Restore”.

2.Run Norman Malware Cleaner until finished. If the dialog box "Do you want to restart" appears, you can restart or not. If you select to restart, make sure System restore is still Off.

3.Run Win32.Sality.AE Symantec Removal Tool until complete.If requested to restart, then restart the computer. Make sure your system restore still turned off before.
The question is, whether there are files still infected. Maybe it was. To be certain, run the Symantec Removal Tool Win32.Sality.AE once again. Even so, perhaps there is still virus-infected files by Sality in your computer. Run your anti-virus with the update virus definition. If your antivirus can not clean the virus, the infected files should be removed. But it need to do carefully and ask the expert to help if you are still not sure, because if the deleted files is windows system file, your windows will be uninterrupted or can not even working. Good luck..

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