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Healthy BMI Prevents High Blood Pressure

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One thing that is an indicator of human health is blood pressure. Facts say, heart health is strongly influenced by one's blood pressure.

Based on studies conducted by the Royal Free and University College Medical School London, the blood pressure is closely related to body weight. The study suggests that high BMI throughout life had "a strong effect on high blood pressure between ages 36 to 53. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a statistical measurement which compares a person's weight and height. Though it does not actually measure the percentage of body fat, it is used to estimate a healthy body weight based on how tall a person is. Keeping your weight under control, from childhood through middle age, can offset high blood pressure in later years a new study shows.

The study also showed that in men, the lowest birth weight groups consistently had the highest systolic blood pressures. In women, this association of low birth weight leading to higher systolic blood pressures was not evident until women reached the age of 42.

The systolic blood pressure is the upper numbers of a blood pressure reading and is the force that the heart pumps against when it is beating. Higher systolic blood pressures are associated with more distress to the Functioning heart and therefore heart disease. (Quoted: WebMD.com).

As a summary suggest that weight control throughout life is key to prevention of high blood pressure during middle age.

In this regard, I include a report of the Joint International Committee and the European of Hypertension on Blood Pressure, Risk Factor Modification and Life Style as a guide for us.

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