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H&R Dodge Challenger: Suspension for a thoroughbred

The new Dodge Challenger has the looks and power to capture the enthusiasm of any seasoned sports-car driver. To drive this impression home, H&R now introduces the matching suspension components. The result does not only look good; you will also feel the difference in handling of the V8. The 35 mm spring kit makes a noticeable improvement to the Challenger's behaviour in curves - virtually without any loss in ride quality. The 50 mm version may be more interesting for those who prefer a more extravagant look.

H&R's adjustable suspension can be set to increase steering accuracy while minimising pitching and rolling, giving the car a noticeable improvement in road performance; the adjustment options allow you to set the wheel loads according to the circumstances.

Naturally, all of the suspension components developed for the Dodge Challenger can be combined with optional H&R sport stabilizers/ anti roll bars. Ultra-sturdy aluminium alloy H&R TRAK+ spacers in 50 and 60 mm widening per axle also add character on either standard or custom tyres, in putting an end to the unsightly visual appearance left by the gap between the edge of the tyre and wheel arch.

The whole H&R programme is available for more than 1,200 vehicle types and is available at good specialist dealers; apart from the high quality we have come to know from the brand that H&R products always come with general permission for road use (ABE) or a TÜV part certificate for German residents. In Germany the Dodge Challenger suspension components are only available at a special distribution partner.

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