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Gurt Geiger': Ford F-650

Not for sandal-wearing beardies, this Ford F-650 has received the GeigerCars treatment.

One of the less subtle tuning houses in Germany, GeigerCars modifies things that don't really need modifying. Like this.

To be honest, the F-650 hasn't received a huge amount of tweakage - at 21.3 feet long and 5.2 tons, the standard version is a bit of a bruiser.

However, for 9,800 Euros Geiger will fit chrome side tanks, and for another 2,800 Euros it will install chrome 'high pipes'.

Other mods available from the German nutjob include leather trip, entertainment and navigation systems and - get this - a gullwing door conversion.

Power comes from a 6.7-litre Cummins six-cylinder diesel producing 320bhp and a mighty 737.6 lb ft.

Chris Eubank, we presume, is already making arrangements to have one delivered...

Source: Top Gear

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