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P120 Fighter Combat Reviews

Alabama-based affluence bike architect Confederate Motor Company has aloof unleashed its new P120 Fighter Combat motorcycle at the Quail Motorsports Gathering in Carmel, California. The bike appearance the company’s signature “pure and direct” anatomy with an aircraft brand aluminum frame, continued swing-arm and affected architecture that is somewhat evocative of the Moto-Terminators.

P120 Fighter Combat Pictures

P120 Fighter Combat boasts 2 advanced suspension, solid chassis, carbon caster discs. Inhibition is amenable for a adorable advanced caliper Brembo, cautiously acid into the anchor disc from carbon cilia and ceramics. In the role of the active armament were about two-liter (OK, 1966-cc) V-twin, with a claimed achievement of 160 hp. As the name somewhat implies, alone 120 examples of the Confederate P120 Fighter Combat motorcycle will be produced.

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