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Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept

Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept
The Opel Icona Concept Cars is a design study of a futuristic amphibian electric vehicle with a sporty design and retracteable wheels. Keeping such scenario in mind, Swedish designer Juan Pablo Bernal P has designed a futuristic vehicle for the year 2050 that moves on both land and water with equal efficiency. Called the “OPEL ICONA,” the V-shaped commuter vehicle features an aerodynamic body to ensure minimal air resistance for better performance in all conditions. The V shaped dynamic design uses distinctive shapes, forms, patterns and proportions which are express the sporty and leisure-oriented character of the vehicle.
Running on natural sources of energy, the all-electric vehicle generates power from electric motors to allow a clean and green drive. The zero-emission car would not only allow a sustainable drive but also become a means of entertainment to create a special bond between the family members as well as society.
The Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept is a hybrid car that can traverse land and sea is nothing new despite being the stuff of dreams at least half a century ago, but this concept cars takes things to a whole new level. It can transport an adult and a child. The Opel Icona project was developed in collaboration with Opel by Juan Pablo Bernal at the Umea Institute of Design, Sweden.
Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept
Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept features two modes of operation Viz. Land mode and Water Mode to run on ground and water respectively. When the vehicle runs on the ground the sail remains wrapped in the storage area; however, as soon as the occupant puts the vehicle on the water mode the sail retracts and the wheel arms rotate inboard to reduce drag, thus enabling this vehicle to cruise on water with the same speed and elegance.
Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept
About the Designer:
Juan Pablo Bernal is Colombian Designer with a Bachelor in Transportation Design from Instituto Europeo di Design (2003-2006) and a MA Degree in Transportation Design from Umea institute of Design in Sweden.
Among his working experiences are internship at the GM Europe Design and at Scania, Sweden.
Opel Amphibian Sport Cars Icona Concept

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