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Although only do the official launch this weekend, duet sport bikes Yamaha was already gaining acceptance mengaagetkan enough. Byson Yamaha and Yamaha Scorpio-Z up to now were already booked up to thousands of units.

General Manager of Promotion and Motorsport Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI), Paul S Firmanto on the sidelines of the event at Mount Bromo Amazing Journey said that until now their new products, Yamaha Byson already booked up to 4,000 units.

"While the new Yamaha Scorpio-Z has booked about 2,000 units," he said.

Paul further claims kalaau Yamaha Byson actual demand and Scorpio-Z actually be even higher, but they do not push yourself because both production capacity up to now has not been maximized.

"So we do not dare to accept it," added Paul.

With the current state only second pivot according to Paul has reached the 1 month period. "Scorpio-Z has just indennya now until October," he added.

Scorpio-Z itself is the ultimate Yamaha sport bike design have been overhauled by YMKI and shown on September 21, 2010. The design was considered much more sporty and up to date than the old design of the Scorpio-Z earlier.

Moreover, 225 cc engine that carried the scorpions are considered qualified enough to have power up to 19 ps diputaran 8000 rpm with torque at 6500 rpm kgf.m 1.86.

While Byson which is a new family of Yamaha sport bike segment carrying the street fighter with a body design that seconded bongsor formidable engine capacity of 153 cc.

"So far public acceptance of both very good," he said.

Yamaha had hoped the presence of two motors is increasing their market share in motor sport.

"Now we have dominant market share to 53 percent. It is expected that with these two new products we can grow market share to 55 percent. And so far we hope it is still realistic for the tired," said Paul.

Not to mention the sales contribution from the Yamaha V-Ixion who according Paul is still the backbone of them in the segment 'bike man' is.

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