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new motorsport | motorbike reviews | modification of Motorcycle Minerva MadAss

Minerva Madass Sachs 125 cc with 125 courage admiration best 8.0 Nm/5000 rpm and the adeptness that is able of ride adeptness 6.4 KW/7500 rpm. Through this a adequate engine, Bikers can to accomplish the chargeless time in the solid abuttals and beeline tracks.
MINERVA MadAss Sachs 125
Spesification Modification:

Motorcycle modification Minerva MadAss
Colour: yellow
Variant: Casting Wheel
Engine type: 4-Step
Step Volume: 125cc
Front brake: Disk Break (type single-piston caliper admeasurement 220mm)
Rear brake: Disk Break (ventilate the disc caliper bifold admeasurement 260mm)
Suspension Front: Hydraulic animation shock pressure
Suspension Rear: Hydraulic animation shock pressure
Gas tank: 5.1 liter Capacity
Ignition system: CDI
Lights: Front (Dual addendum lamp)
Rear (tail lamp ignites the broke tail)
Starter: Electrical abecedarian and blast amateur
Motorcycle Modification Design Style Minerva MadAss

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