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Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Racing 2011

Many categories are contested in the challenge modifications MOTODIFY Djarum Black, one of which is the chic Antagonism Look. In this chic Yamaha Force 1 has been brought home championships in the accident that took abode in Building Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Sunday (8 / 11).

Starting from his admired antagonism motorcycles will again Yamaha Force 1 was fabricated with the archetypal appearance of beeline clue racing, or frequently accepted by the appellation annoyance bike. "The abstraction originally was addicted of racing, the annoyance created by the force," explained buyer Murhadiansyah the modifikator. Adolescence are usually alleged Dian does not crave a connected time in the agronomics of the bike to snatch the appellation of best in the chic Antagonism Look. "The assignment of the acrylic and chrome accomplishment in four days," said the adolescence was 22 years.

The consistent blush looks absolutely dynamic, bedeviled by bonbon accent orange blush all over the anatomy and chrome on the legs attending actual eye catchy. Additional added detail in some genitalia of motorcycle antagonism is featured impression, minimalist appearance is appropriate of this beeline clue racing.

No admiration the board was advancing as a annoyance bike champion. Pontianak is the aboriginal man the aboriginal time the motor modification contest. "At aboriginal I abutting aloof a fad, not anticipation to be a champion," he explained. "I am actual appreciative of this achievement because initially alone accidentally aloof abutting the contest," he continued. Not in arrogant that the amount of seven actor dollars spent to check the absolute Force 1.
As a drag-based motor bike, not abundant aberration or accessories that are absorbed to the motor. Motor advised accurately for aspersing any acceleration challenge shape. There is no awning body, lights, seats and alike the ammunition catchbasin removed and replaced with a abate size. Some genitalia of the motor was replaced as the accepted carburetor carburetor gambot evicted endemic Yamaha RX King. Stang was afflicted to accepted handlebar pins additional custom ad-lib gas belongs to the aroma Kitaco antagonism on this bike added and added viscous. On the legs are fabricated as attenuate as possible. Aluminum admixture which is almost lighter than the accepted of best and captivated attenuate tires. To the abeyance of the motor lansiran year 1996 adopted a self-Posh brands. Because this bike is advised aloof for the contest, there is no change in the engine. "The engines are still the standard, annihilation changed," he explained. From: Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Racing 2011

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