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Jakarta - The way for people to express themselves through the motor tunggangannya indeed different. For example, Ade Satriawan intend that this marriage is, Mio Yamaha motorcycle output in 2006 will be even own dowry.


Ade was not home builder choose to modify motornya, a search was started, by selecting the Custom Tauco the dikomandani Topo Goedel Atmodjo as a reference to reorganize the property Ade mount. Without thinking long term, intimate Topo matic fighter for motor Ade.

"According to if I want to modify a mount two wheels should be adjusted with the theme, do not select the original theme, can-can in the time period will close tuh motor dirombak again because it is not in accordance with the original concept," said Ade Satriawan owner Mio motor output in 2006 to detikOto , on Wednesday (14/1/09).

"Besides the body skubek the tiny Mio, I also want to tonjolkan a new style," said Ade with Topo approval.

From the side view, the total Mio changed the theme, so the effect of Mio tertutupi matic style motor sport CATCHING the eye. Of the many changes in the tiny body. Topo change with the total body mio apply the flow of street fighter, of course on the plate galvanis are 0.8 mm Tauco Custom.

Order also did not escape from the hands of the modifikator, from the hands of Topo he chasis build a new body so that it can sustain street fighter attached to the Mio 2006. Not only that, to increase the effect of motor sport, Topo make Suspensi back so that the holder can apply the monoshock Suspensi of Yamaha Jupiter MX.

Because you want to produce the perfect paper, headlamp owned Yamaha FZ6 dicokokkan with the holder to adjust, not only to increase the effect of motor sport, Topo put stop lamp belongs Yamaha Fino and added two undertail exhaust. "To be truly like motor sport," said Topo

Mio from this there are some innovations that made Topo, also resumed production with the stick shock front of Aprilia 250 cc with a set pengaplikasian part brembo brake master brake on the front and rear brake to stop the rate of motor engines already in Bore up into this 180 cc .

Not only that, to crush street Jakarta, motor matic fighter is provided with velg Piaggio X9 size 14 on the front of the dressing battlax 120/60 tires and 13 sizes velg Piaggio X9 on the back of the parcel plus battlax 140/60 tires so the nuance of the sport thicken fighter.

The result is that Ade lumayan satisfied with the results of Topo. As a builder canal already meet the desire of Ade menunggangi like motor sport fighter.

"Although only motor sport matic modification style fighter, but it's ok lah! The most important motor is similar and comfortable for daily use especially with the click of the theme," said Ade. (Ikh / ddn)

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