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Kawasaki Motor Sport Ninja 250 R

The implementation of value-added Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM), PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) react with ease. Because, even if the government would raise the limit on luxury sales tax from 75 percent to 200 percent, prices will not be affected in one of IMA's flagship product, Kawasaki Ninja 250.

"Items subject to luxury sales tax that was 250cc and above. Well, we're Kawasaki Ninja 249 cc engine capacity, is still under 250cc. So, the selling price will not be affected," said National Sales Manager of PT KMI Freddy Basuki to Kompas.com, ahead of last weekend.

Freddy explains, KMI accidentally imported intact (completely built-up / CBU) from Thailand because of its factories there in the land of the White Elephant. It utilize regional agreements Are Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA) so that only unencumbered import duties (BM) by 5 percent.

"This makes the price we offer Rp48 million people still go on. If it is made of CKD (completelty Nock down) market in Indonesia is still not signed the economic scale. So we are still imported," said Freddy.

Related plans a number of other car manufacturers who will play in the 250cc motorcycle segment, the IMA would not worry. In fact, the brand is synonymous with motor light green color was welcomed because it will increase their existing market.

When relying Kawasaki 250cc Thailand as its production base, not the case with the Yamaha and Honda. The two giant national motorcycle market leader did not have any products in Thailand with a capacity of 250cc engine, so it must be imported directly from Japan or other countries.

There are profits when brought from Japan. They can take advantage of a bilateral cooperation agreement between Indonesia and Japan are set out in the Indonesian-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (IJ-EPA) is currently ongoing.

Meanwhile, Yamaha also can take advantage of the cooperation agreement between ASEAN and India have been signed this year. But, with a note, must be imported in CKD to Indonesia.

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