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Go Pro Helmet Heros All Models, Accessories

cameras4sports.co.uk presents the latest digital all-purpose extreme sports GoPro Cameras and accessories!
the 3-megapixel camera and TV resolution video camera are designed for maximum performance in all outdoor sporting conditions, especially
Surfing, Snowboarding, Kayaking, MTN Biking, Motorcycle and Car Racing. The cameras are
waterproof to 30m, light and quick release mount to almost anything.

The Go Pro cameras are available in 3 models: NOW AVAILABLE IN WIDE LENS VERSION to capture even more action.

- The Digital HERO 3 (sports wrist strap)

- The Helmet HERO (quick release to any vented or non vented helmet, skis, kayak, windsurf, bikes,
etc and also comes with a head strap)

- The Motorsports HERO (comes with a range of mounts which allow you to quick release to helmets,
cars, bikes, boats, quads and even planes! The kit includes a suction cup mount which is easily attached to virtually any surface)
Along side the 3 models are a range of accessories which will allow you to upgrade your camera
mount options, the accessories include:
Helmet HERO expansion kit,
Motorsport HERO expansion
Wrist HERO housing,
Ride HERO,
Suction Cup Mount as well as the Gab Bag a selection of mounts, nuts and bolts.

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