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Ferrari's New 458 Challenge Bologna Motor Show

The 35th edition of the Bologna Motor Show in Italy, which runs the public on December 4th saw 12 to lift the lid Challenge Ferrari 458, an evaluation version of manufacturers of fire-no pun supercars. The 458 Challenge offers a series of updates on his street-legal racing worthy brother to do when it hits the network in 2011, a Ferrari make Cup races. During the competition, 458 Italia,
V8 with direct injection 4.5-liter is rated at 570 hp at 9,000 rpm intact, the engineers at Ferrari to change gears and calibration needs to improve its transmission with double clutch F1 gearbox more torque at low speeds off. Challenge 458 is used with Lock E-Diff electronic differential already on the road version, equipped with a first track, only Ferrari cars. Another first for a model Ferrari Challenge, acceptance of control of the company F1-Trac traction. Stay tuned for more photos as we week, we gave them at some point in the present.Why? Ferrari 599 GTO is from this week, so Ferrari buzzing swarm of journalists, we're sure they carry a couple of great pictures to dazzle us. Ferrari have the opportunity to photograph or strains carparazzi Challenge, the possibility is always in the air!

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