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Candidat 2011 Car of the Year Award

Candidat 2011 Car of the Year Award
The abject amount in Japan has been set at 3,764,250 yen (US $45,000 at today’s barter rates), with the burning tax included. That’s a lot of money, but, auspiciously for the Japanese, the EV is acceptable for a 780,000-Yen government incentive, which brings bottomward the amount to 2,984,250 yen or US $35,677.

It’s additionally absolutely absolved from the country's auto accretion tax and weight tax until budgetary year 2011. And that’s not all: as an EV that complies with the “Automobile Green Tax Scheme”, the Leaf’s auto tax is bargain by 50% for a aeon of 12 months.

Nissan able a few acceptable after-sales casework as well. For a account amount of 1,500 yen (US $18), the aggregation offers a “zero-emission abutment program”, which includes, amid added things, maintenance, charging at Nissan dealers, discounts for Nissan rent-a-car casework and emergency support.

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