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Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i 180 cc VS Honda Tiger Revo 2010 Motorcycles

Gambar Motor Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i 180 cc 2010
Hottest topic today is a lot of bikers who compare compare Tiger Revo vs Pulsar 180 DTSi. Many say Tiger Revo is an ancient motor and under performance, but many also scoffed Bajaj Pulsar is identical to the common three-wheeled vehicle which is also named Bajay.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi 2010

New arrivals in Indonesia's automotive world. Bajaj is one of India's auto giant come to Indonesia to rely on Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi as the spearhead of their products. Conscious of his status as a newcomer, Pulsar 180cc engine has the cheapest prices compared to the same class cruiser type motorcycles. But the new engine if it can be a year old was crowned as king deserves motor cruiser in the homeland?

Honda Tiger Revo 2010

Successor of the old king, Tiger in 2000 was attended by minor changes in the appeal predecessor. This is indeed a lot of criticism especially from the motorcycle enthusiasts. One is the result of using the Tiger machine in 2000. But surely the Astra Honda Motor already has its own considerations will keputusanya it. Will the old king to defend his crown against the young wolf attack.

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