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2009 Yamaha YZF R1 Modified Cool Standart Type

2009 Yamaha YZF R1 Modified
Since the year 2005 Yamaha practically did not change significantly in flagshipnya products, YZF R1. But the decline in sales in European markets (does not occur in R6), presumably because the products of competitors such as Ducati, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki KTM has spawned variants plus all-new line-up on superbikenya. it responded by releasing the All New Yamaha R1 with the year 2009.

998cc inline 4-cylinder engine uses crossplane mode crankshaft firing interval where positioned at 270 º - 180 º - 90 º - 180 º. an absolute advantage over its main rival in 1198 who only uses two cylinders. Cranckshaft because it makes the distribution is always prevalent in every level of engine rpm, making both amateur and professional riders have full control over power and traction motors. Bayliss vs. Rossi duel cancellation aka duel between YZF R1 2009 vs Superbike 1098R kaitanya closely with members of the trade. Yamaha does not bear responsibility in this R1 membangunYZF. Imagine the power 182 hp can easily telurkan at 12,000 rpm, while torque of 116 nm can remove it at 10,000 rpm. An amazing statistic from this motor weighing 174 kg. power is greater than the CBR1000RR Fire blade (178 hp) and 1198s (170 hp). Affairs of another chassis, looks have not changed but the material used is a Die Cast Magnesium in which the chassis becomes thinner but more rigid. Unlike the previous R1, Yamaha is now using the best brakes in the world, namely as a standard feature Brembo stoppers motor speed. where the motor is fighting here is that motorcycles are sold at least 150 units of mass. Well this is the keganjilanya! Yamaha is the only manufacturer that has not been a WSBK champion, but this manufacturer is the most consistent manufacturer in the history of WSBK. If calculated over a period of 10 years back, Ducati has been 3 times to change the type of motor, 3 times Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki 2 times 3 times. While the Yamaha since regulatory changes konsistern always use the type YZF R1, but still empty title! It was this that often make the YZF R1 sometimes become embarrassed when discussing the world of WSBK. Especially when compared to the Suzuki and Kawasaki team, they just never felt the least become champions. Could it be that peculiarity R1 2009 vanished in the hands of this?

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