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So I read article from internet. Allan Filly again urged. Gedubrak! This time Alfa belonging to Justin Ramlan Siregar that was conjured up so trial.

“Itu tuh, the motor that could be asked the somersault above batu,” revealed Justin that was close was called by Jurex this. Usually Allan often plays the waste moge. But, now not. “Cukup the local component plus played fiberglass. source from speedamotor.blogspot.com His machine not strong if putting on the waste moge,” Allan's argument. From batok light, the front mudguard, deltabox boongan, to bodi behind was made from glasses fibre. This that made trial local this made an impression mixed. “Surprise again in happy trial, so made the edition much,” more punggawa Allan Filly Modification.
The motor impression trial was pointed out through the model jok him that nungging plus the slender tank. Supported wheelbase long. The method is, the position of the wheel behind that was guarded the Honda Tiger swing arm was withdrawn until pol. The wheel behind increasingly was seen because of the framework behind has been cut off 20 cm. “Apalagi not with the mudguard. Trial banget,” Jurex words that the chairman of the Modification Motor of Club Yogyakarta (MMCY) this.

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